A top-of-the-line tent is among the most valuable tools for a great camping experience.

The setup of most roof tents is straightforward as they have mounting instructions that will guide the user. However, if you’re experiencing difficulties mounting the roof tent on your vehicle, we’ll help you figure out how to set up your rooftop tent with ease.

You don’t want to be like these stone-cold losers…

You are welcome to browse through the easy steps below to mount your rooftop tent securely.

Roof Tent Mounting Method

Step 1: Unboxing A Roof Top Tent

  • Remove all straps. The majority of rooftop tents have heavy straps, so you may require a strong set of sharp knives or some scissors.
  • Place the box to its sides. For larger rooftop tents, you’ll need assistance from a neighbor.
  • Pick up the plastic coating and gently peel it off to reveal your sparkling rooftop tent. Take a look!

Step 2: Accessing The Inside

  • Unlock all corners of the roof tent. This will allow you to easily get inside.
  • Locate and take down the ladder as well as the hardware
  • The tent for the roof should be supplied with the following components: Ladder 1-piece PVC cover, Annex room, rod for windows, mounting channel and mounting accessories
  • Be sure that they’re all accessible as stated in the manual for users.

Step 3: Assembling The Hardware

  • Be sure to prepare your equipment. This will allow your mounting function smoothly.
  • Make sure all bolts ensure that all bolts are supplied. It is possible to file a complaint with the delivery service if they’re not there.

Step 4: Moving & Lifting The Rooftop Tent

  • Before you can put the new roof on your car. It is up to you decide if you want to keep the tent opened at the rear or on the sides from the vehicle. For larger vehicles, keep in mind that it is recommended to make an opening at the bottom.
  • Place your tent’s rooftop on the roof of your vehicle.
  • Be sure to set the tent up so that it is in a straight line and in a straight line.
  • Use tape measures to ensure your tent is perched in a straight line and to ensure that your open trunk doesn’t hit it.
  • It is necessary to use tape measures throughout the process of mounting to monitor the position.
  • If your Roof Top Tent is mounted on the side, it is necessary make sure that the channel for the mount is cut to fit the length of the roof tent base.

Step 5: Attachment of The Mounting Channels

  • The majority of rooftop tents are fully assembled at the factory, especially the smaller roofing tents. In addition to the mounting channels as well as the ladder at the bottom of the tent.
  • Use the bolts to slide the metal plates into the grooves at the top of your tent.
  • Make sure to do this across both tent sides (left and right sides)
  • Lift the rear of the rooftop tent and slide the bolts towards the middle of the rooftop tent.
  • To mount the hinge on the side, be sure the mounting channels be aligned perpendicularly with the hinge’s side.
  • The rear mounting is crucial to ensure your mounting channel is in a straight line with the hinge side.
  • After ensuring that the tent is properly positioned and that all bolts are properly tightened. It is recommended to put in the rubber caps on the ends. Be aware that you might require a hammer for taps with light pressure.

Step 6: Attachment To The Ladder

  • Gently flipping the tent’s roof base.
  • Find the previously-drilled holes which are usually located near the edge of the base. Then, you connect your ladder to base with the supplied bolts NY locking nuts and washers.
  • To protect yourself and your family does not climb the ladder until the exact angle is reached.
  • If the ladder is correctly set, it will also play the role of brace on the foundation of your tent

Step 7: Measuring & Tightening

  • Finish the final stage of mounting, measuring, and adjustment
  • Secure all the bolts to ensure that your roof tent is securely secured

Step 8: Enjoy Your Secured Rooftop Tent!

  • The ladder can be climbed and relax on the roof of your tent
  • It is possible to do an 20-30 minute test drive , and then recheck the position on the bolts.

Step 9: Closing & Storage Of The Rooftop Tent

  • The ladder should be used as a lever for closing your tent.
  • Pressing down gently on the top of the folding tent’s base, you can completely seal your tent.
  • Then, slowly slide the ladder back to the original storage position.
  • Make use of using the Velcro straps to secure bases in a closed position securely.

Rooftop Tent Mounting Safety Precautions

It is not recommended to let the straps down as you close your tent. If you force the straps too hard, it can cause damage to your roof tent.

  • It is not recommended to keep your tent in storage while it is damp. If, however that you store it then you must open it and dry the moment you reach the location to keep your tent from damage caused by the moisture.
  • The overall height of your travel van will be increased, which means you must be extra cautious when driving with your tent set up.
  • Gravity gets changed when the rooftop tent is erected on the truck you are driving. You must adjust your driving style to accommodate this shift.

If you have followed these steps, your rooftop tent assembly should be simple and simple. It’s better to be on the top!

[1] Photo credit 4x4 Adventures

Written by David Myers, verified, and edited by Den Kyle.

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