Welcome to Dens Camp Guide, a safe haven for avid campers, hikers, and trekkers alike. We are a team of collaborators who run the site, founded by Den who is an experienced hiker with over 24 years of exploring the wilderness and backpacking.

We aim to provide valuable information that we pass down from our own experiences. All products we review or construct guides about have been tried and tested. If we vouch for it, we really mean it.

Dens Camp Guide is aiming to be every camper’s hub for camping and outdoor-related gear reviews, tips, and showcases.

“We are as passionate about the great and wild outdoors as the next explorer.”

Den Kyle

We never single out or degrade any brand of outdoor gear or clothing – our main aim is to provide quality insight that you will appreciate from our combined experience. We can earn commission on any products purchased via our links to Amazon from time to time.

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Meet The Team

We are a diverse team with different interests and experiences, but we all love the outdoors and try to contribute to the community were best possible.

Den Kyle – Founder & Editor

I’m the founder of Dens Camp Guide. After many years of hiking and trekking worldwide, I decided to share my experiences by making my guide website! Former science teacher, Ohio State graduate, and now full-time adventurer!

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David Meyers – Editor

Hello, I’m David, and I am an outdoorsman with over 20 years of experience hunting, camping, and backpacking around North America. I love writing, reading, and contributing here at Dens Camp Guide.

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John R. Gibbons – Marketing

Call me big JR! I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time (when not working on DCG) adventuring mountains, trails, and things my wife calls dangerous!

Norah Clark – Author

Hi, I’m Nora! I have been an author at Dens Camp Guide since 2017 and a full-time nomad since 2012. I love outdoor walking trails, finding new places to adventure, and cooking on camp trips with my boyfriend.

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Tobin Bryans – Author

I’m Tobin; I have recently only become an author at Dens Camp Guide and look forward to sharing my knowledge of off-roading, hunting, and 4×4 jeeps!

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Sarah Maddison – Author

Howdy! I’m Sarah; I am a qualified nutritionist and have a keen interest in growing vegetables and living a healthy life. I am the primary author for the horticulture section on DCG.

Kyle Masterson – Author

Hey, I’m Kyle, a super keen outdoors kind of guy. I love motocross, surfing the west coast, and backpacking near the beach with my dog and surfboards in tow.

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