How Long Will A Propane Tank Last In My RV?

Propane is essential for the majority of RVs because it serves as an energy source for the vehicle. It is crucial to carefully plan your RV’s propane consumption for better efficiency. If you’re not sure of an idea of the lifetime potential of your propane tank you’ll find this post helpful.

We’ve pieced together a guide that makes it easy for you to calculate the length of time your propane tank will last.

What Are The Standard RV Propane Tank Dimensions?

Propane tank sizes are different and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and needs. If you look at the propane tank cylinder the manufacturer has provided the dimensions in terms pounds or gallon:

The measurement in pounds will accurately reflect the total weight of the tank when fully loaded. The gallon measurements will inform the exact amount of propane that will fit in the tank. We suggest you focus on the pound measurement whenever you purchase a tank to your RV. In addition knowing the amount of gallons contained inside your tank can aid in calculating the amount of propane you use. The process will be explained in the final section.

(Please keep in mind that a “full” propane tank is only at the capacity of 80. The remaining 20% is the area needed for the propane liquid to grow.)

If you examine most of the purchases made by customers, there are two popular sizes of propane tanks for RVs. The sizes are:

  • 20 pounds

A less expensive option must be replenished often. It is ideal for people who are not keen on the idea of wasting fuel. It can hold 4.6 gallon when fully loaded.

  • 30 pounds

This model holds more propane and lasts longer. Also, it will require less frequent refills. It weighs 7 gallons once it is it is full. But, it’s very portable for one person.

The other options are 40, 11, pounds, and 100 pounds.

There is a chance that just one tank might not be sufficient to meet your needs. In this situation it is possible to have a second tank with backup tanks, or even a jump up in size may be beneficial.

How Long Does Propane Last Within An RV?

It’s not easy to know the time that the propane tank will last in your motorhome. It’s based on many factors, for instance, it being true that propane isn’t the sole fuel source for RVs.

The majority of your RV’s energy usage will be generated by electricity. But this isn’t enough, and therefore you’ll see that many appliances within the RV run on propane.

To determine exactly how the tank of propane will last, you have be aware of the following elements:

  • Size of the propane tank
  • The frequency of appliance use
  • It is the BTU rating of propane-powered appliances.
  • BTUs (British thermal units)

A comprehensive understanding of BTU is not essential to estimating your propane consumption. All you require to be aware of is the BTU rating of every appliance that will run on propane within your RV. It is important to know that:

  • 1 gallon propane is 91,502 BTUs
  • A pound of propane is 21,548 BTUs

With this knowledge, it’ll be easy to calculate the total BTUs in your tank by multiplication. Once you’ve calculated all the BTU quantity of propane in your tank you’ll have to divide the total by BTU consumption for each appliance that is dependent on your RV.

Here’s a simple look:This is a simplified view:

Propane gallons X 91.502 = BTUs for the tank/

Tank BTUs divided by the total BTUs used by appliances equals hours of propane usage.

How long will an 20 LB Propane Tank last within an RV?

If you own a complete 20 lbs. tank, it’ll contain a 4.6-gallon capacity. To begin, you must add 4.6 times 91,502. The result will be 420,909. Divide this figure by the total BTU consumption of the appliance that we estimated prior to being 40000 BTUs.

If you divide 420,909 by 40000, the result is 10.5. This means that you will be able to utilize your appliances for around 10.5 hours before running out of propane.

What Is The Average Time A 30 LB Propane Tank Last In An RV?

If you have a 30 pounds. tanks of propane, it will be able to hold 7 gallons at it is full. In this scenario we will need multiplied 7 times 91,502 in order to yield 640,514. Then, you need to divide that number by 40,000 BTUs used by the appliance.

The answer you’ll get is 16. This means that a 30- pounds. propane tank is in a position to power your appliances for around 16 hours before the tank gets empty.

How Long Will A 40 LB Tank Last In An RV?

If you have the propane tank being 40lbs capacity, the gallon capacity would be 9.4. Thus, you must multiply the number 91,502 by 9.4 Gallons first. The result will be 860119. You can now follow the previous example and divide the result by 40,000 BTUs used by the appliance.

The answer is 21.5. This means that a 20 pounds. The propane tank is in a position to run the appliances for 21.5 hours before running out of propane.

How Do I Help RV Propane Last Longer?

If you utilize the fuel in a responsible manner, it can conserve you lots of cash on energy bills. To assist you in making an efficient use of propane we’ve put together a few points that you must keep in mind when using propane:

Incorporate an additional layer of insulation

The warmth from the propane tank is most efficient when your RV is fitted with proper insulation. It is possible to add additional insulation for windows and doors.

Make use of the equipment in a responsible manner

Making use of appliances in a smart way can assist you in managing the use of propane. Do not use appliances for a long time without a reason.

Make use of a propane regulator

A propane regulator can help to control the pressure that is released from the tank of propane. It ensures that the propane supply to your appliances is of the proper quantity.

Written by David Myer, verified and edited by Den Kyle.

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