How To Attach A TV Mount To An RV Wall – Step by Step Guide

Television is an excellent option to spend time and stay up to date on the latest news in the world. When you travel in an RV television can help in removing boredom and watching any of the big sports matches whilst spending quality time away from home.

Since you’ll be driving the majority of the time in your RV, you must be sure to properly secure and mount your television so that it isn’t moved and remains in place. To accomplish this, you should adhere to a specific procedure for installation, which we’ll be discussing during this piece.

Essentials For Installing A TV Mount

You’ll need plenty of tools and equipment if you decide to put up televisions in your RV. We’ve compiled an inventory of the things you’ll require. Certain items aren’t necessarily required however, you may purchase them for convenience.

RV TV Mount

The TV mounts for RVs are specifically designed to be used for mounting and setting TVs inside the mobile home. We highly recommend this to assist in keeping the TV in its place.

These mounts come with locking swivel arms that keep the TV in place and reduce damage from vibration. It’s possible to use an ordinary TV mount however, if the arm that is adjustable does not lock, it will be better to remove the device prior to heading out on your journey.

Power Drill

You’ll require an electric drill to secure the TV onto an RV’s wall. The use of a screwdriver for this is not recommended since it is slow and tedious as well. A drill can be more effective.

Many Drill Bits

Along with a drill you’ll also need pieces for masonry. A Phillips head bit is needed to drill pilot holes and to drive the screws for mounting.


A level will be needed to ensure a perfect fit and prevent holes from being made in the wall of your RV or giving you a badly placed TV.

Stud Finder

A high-quality stud finder with a deep scan can assist you in finding the right spots within your RV’s wall that give the most support to your TV. The wall of your RV on its own isn’t enough to handle the load of your TV and could be risky.

If you find that a stud finder isn’t compatible with your RVs then look at the alternatives listed below.

Helper / Extra Hands

It is possible to have a family member or acquaintance assist you in the installation and mounting process. The second pair of hands will make the work faster and making it easier.

Screw Adhesives

If you’d like to use an industrial adhesive on your screws to provide extra stability.

Painters’ Tape

A painter’s tape is handy for marking the wall studs after having discovered them. This can be very easy.

Installing the TV Mount Process

In this article, we have described the procedure for attaching the TV mount onto the wall of an RV. Follow these instructions carefully to put the TV in its place and to avoid having it move when you travel.

The Best Way To Mount Your TV Is To Place Tt On The Wall

There is an adjustable mount which will help later on however the best choice is to think about the position of the television to ensure you can get the ideal position.

Find The Wall Studs

Once you’ve settled on the location, must locate the wall studs needed to place the TV. In certain instances, RV manufacturers will place signs on the wall to indicate the location of the TV’s backer. But, this may not be the best guide.

It is recommended to use the stud locater on the wall in your preferred area to locate a wall stud. After that, you can use an eraser or painter’s tape to mark the position of the stud. Don’t drill into plumbing or electrical wiring behind the wall.

What If You Can’t Locate An Stud?

If you’re unable to locate a stud within the wall in your RV then there’s no need to be concerned. There are other methods to locate those difficult-to-find studs in the wall. Listed below are some options that you could test:

  • You can scratch along the wall until you find a wall stud.
  • Contact the RV manufacturer to determine the position of the screws.
  • Utilize an infrared thermometer since it can assist you in determining the exact where the stud is located. Because there is no insulation around the studs, you’ll observe a variation in the temperature readings.

Drilling The Pilot Holes

Once you have located the studs you must then secure the mount to the wall of your RV in the chosen area, and use the level to keep it straight. Then, you need to mark the drill holes with the masonry pieces and drill pilot holes onto the marks. The holes that are predrilled are important because they prevent the screws from causing cracks in the wall.

Install The Bracket For Mounting To Your Wall

Then, you need to hold the mount on the wall and drill mount screws through the holes you’ve created.

Link The TV & Mounting Plate

You’ll find the mounting plate holes on your TV that can be used to connect the TV with the bracket. Also, you can take out any extra packaging or TV stand, if it is needed. The next step is to connect the plate that is located behind the TV using the use of the provided hardware.

It’s Time To Mount Your TV To The Wall

The final step is that you must lift your TV up and align your TV’s plate to a wall bracket. It is helpful to connect the three together.

Sometimes, the design of the mounting could differ, so following the manufacturer’s guidelines is recommended.

Written by Den Kyle, verified, and edited by David Myer.

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