How To Make Coffee When Camping With A Campfire

Camping trips are wonderful, and waking up early to see the sunrise is unique. For some of us, getting up early enough to see the sunrise can be somewhat more challenging, which is why coffee is a lifesaver. Since my wife and I are both avid coffee drinkers, the possibility of not having an espresso in the morning isn’t worthy of consideration. We particularly like taking a snowy winter camp trip and being in our tent and just watching the snow fall, there is something very special about being in the middle of the forest in the winter when there is snow.

You may have noticed that I’ve been camping for a long time, so I have tried every coffee available for camping. Instant coffee, travel french press, some even tried the Cowboy Method, which was tested before. This method of making coffee is not my style!

Below, I’ve listed eight different ways you can make your own coffee for yourself and your camping buddies. Like me, you’ll quickly become the expert in camping coffee among your fellow campers!

One suggestion would be to try the coffee bag option a shot. Also, at the very most, try the cowboy approach at home to determine whether you can handle it, which I didn’t!

How To Make Coffee Camping? 8 Simple Ways

Instant Coffee

You’ll needA glass of water and a Kettle, Instant Coffee
Duration30 seconds

Although instant coffee might have an unpopular reputation it’s one the most effective options for camping. Instant granules or powder are made of coffee beans that have been brewed. Because instant coffee is light to carry around, it’s perfect for backpackers and anyone who would like to reduce their luggage to the minimum. It’s also incredibly easy to make. It’s as easy as putting one spoonful of granules in your cup, then adding boiling water, and waiting for a few seconds before stirring it and drinking. Look around for an instant specialty coffee that has a delicious flavor.

The Cowboy Method

You’ll needWater, Kettle and Ground Coffee
Timing4. minutes

If you’re looking to pack small, this method will be perfect for you. it’s also a simple method to make coffee when you’re working with limited resources. It’s all you need is an appliance like a kettle or pot that can be set on top of your camp stove or campfire. In the beginning, you boil water and let it cool for around a minute. After that, you add the grounds of coffee to the container and then stir. It will sound like bubbling once the grounds are in contact with water. There may be some foam. Allow it to rest for a couple of minutes before stirring it again. Let it rest for another moment. Once the grounds are settled to the kettle’s bottom then it’s time to pour the hot coffee into your mug, and then drink it slowly.

French Press Coffee

You’ll needWater, Coffee Grounds, and a French Press Espresso Maker
TimingFour minutes

There are a variety of French press coffee makers, and some are made of robust materials. If you are camping, make sure you opt for either a stainless steel model or a double-walled plastic one. Add a cup of boiling water for each cup of ground coffee that you employ. Let the water cool for 30 seconds, and then pour half of the drinking water into the French press and let the grounds begin to bloom. After 60 seconds, pour in the remainder of the water, and allow it for 2 minutes to be brewed (or 3 minutes if you prefer the coffee more robust). The plunger should be pressed down slowly, then put the coffee in the mug and sip it.

Using A Percolator

You’ll needwater and Coffee Grounds, a Coffee Percolator
DurationSix minutes

It’s easy to make use of the coffee percolator. They work by constantly cycling coffee grounds through the water until you’ve reached the perfect strength you require. Add water to the bottom chamber and you can add 1 tablespoon of grounds into one of the chambers on top. Set the percolator on an area of heat to allow the coffee to percolate until reaching the strength you prefer. Consume once the brewing process is completed.

Coffee Bags

You’ll needwater and a Kettle and a Bag of Coffee Bag
TimingFour minutes

If you’re in need of a quick instant caffeine boost, coffee bags may be the answer. Fast and easy purchase coffee bags that are already made in stores or make them by yourself using a basket coffee filter and some butchers’ twine along with coffee grinds. Just place the bag in the boiling water, allow it to infuse, and then take it out of the bag prior to drinking. This method of making coffee that is space-saving is also easy to clean up afterward.

Pour-Over Coffee

You’ll needA cup of coffee grounds, water, a kettle, a Dripper, and a filter cone
TimingSix minutes

Another alternative for making coffee at home alternative is to make use of pour-over. You can open the filter cone and place its bottom ring on the top of your mug. The filter should be placed inside the cone and then add the grounds of coffee. Bring some water to boil in the kettle, and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Add water to the filter so that the coffee grounds are completely soaked. Let it bloom for about a minute before pouring the remainder of the water into it. Take out the filter cone and take a drink.


You’ll needA Kettle, Coffee Grounds Also, a Kettle Water, An AeroPress
Duration3. minutes

In case you’ve not heard about an AeroPress. It’s a combination of the French press and a pour-over that allows you to create classic American espresso shots or coffee. Simply add a few scoops of coffee into the larger AeroPress tubular container. Pour water over the coffee grounds so that they soak and let them bloom for 30 seconds prior to adding warm water until it fills up the chamber. Make use of an instrument to mix the soil, then put the plunger inside its chamber, pressing down slowly. If you want, add more water as you’d like.

Espresso Maker

You’ll needEspresso Grounds and water, A Metal Filter, and an Espresso Maker
Timing1 minute

Although an espresso maker that is powered by electricity is not ideal for in the wilderness, a manual one is ideal for traveling with. Add boiling water to the espresso maker, and let it for a half-minute before adding the coffee ground. It is not necessary to tap down the coffee as the lid will do it for you. Let the grounds of coffee settle before beginning to pump. When an intense brown layer appears on top then pour it into the cup.

Summary of Making Coffee While Camping

As you will see, there are many choices for making coffee fresh when camping in the tent. Although you can purchase specific equipment, such as an espresso maker for hand and a French press, you can also reduce space and cost by buying instant coffee, or using an old-fashioned method. It all depends on how you like the coffee you drink it is possible to spend a bit more money to ensure you’re getting the best coffee that will get you up early in the early morning!

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