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Hi, I'm Norah! I have been an author at Dens Camp Guide since 2017 and a full-time nomad since 2012. I love outdoor walking trails, finding new places to adventure, and cooking on camp trips with my boyfriend.

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How to keep beer cold while camping?

How To Keep Beer Cold When Camping?

The summer camping season lets you experience everything wonderful about nature as it is comfortable. You can relax in a comfortable position, sip some cold beer and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you. It’s ideal for many, but it’s usually met with confusion. Do you know how to keep your drink cool while …

What Is A Tiny House?

What Is A Tiny House?

The tiny house movement is growing rapidly across the US and in the Netherlands specifically, a lot of people are still unaware of tiny houses or the movement that they’ve influenced. What is a tiny home? Real estate codes define tiny houses as home which comprises less than 400 square feet in …